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Complete event management and resource scheduling, all in SalesLogix!

  • Overview

    Putting the power of Sage SalesLogix customer relationship management  and Eventix Enrollment together means that you can store all your Account, Contact, Opportunity, and Event information in one database.  No longer will you have to do double data entry to maintain event, attendee, and customer information.

    Eventix Enrollment will make your event and attendee   management a whole lot easier. 

    In addition to tracking attendees, you can manage Wait Lists, Material Lists, Checklist, Event Staff schedules,  Facilities used, and related events.

    Tasks such as printing name tags and sign-in sheets that are a real pain and take up a lot of time can now be accomplished easily with just a few mouse clicks.

    You can generate reports off your past event records to show which events were well attended and how much revenue they brought in.

    You can add more data fields and custom Crystal Reports® to track and report on the specific information that you need. Eventix Enrollment is completely customizable.

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