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Eventix EnrollmentTM

Event, Seminar and Resource Management
For SalesLogix

Product Hightlights

Eventix Enrollment 7.2 extends the great features of its predecessor. Eventix Enrollment has been completely redesigned for SalesLogix 7.x. Resource Management has now been added allowing users to track resources in an interactive calendar. The following details some of the enhancements in this new version.

    Event Related:

  • Facility Schedule (location dates/times for the event)
  • Staff Schedule (dates and times staff has been assigned to the event)
  • Materials List (items required for event with budget and actual amounts)
  • Checklist (list of tasks that need to be completed for the event)
  • Assignment of an event coordinator to an event
  • Related Events (Parent/Child hierarchy)
  • Ability select Event Instructor based on courses they have been listed as qualified to teach
  • Ability to Allow or Block attendee enrollments and transfers for an event
  • Region and Metro Area can be specified for an event (i.e. Western US and
  • Southern California respectively)
  • Separate Role Data Forms - Event Sales Representative vs. Event Manager
  • Default fee and discount for event for two sales channels (i.e. retail and reseller)
  • Attendee Counts (Pending, Confirmed, Transferred-In, Transferred-Out, Canceled, Attended, Did Not Attend)
  • Event Time Zones
  • Wait list (attendees waiting for an opening)
  • Invitation lists

    Attendee Enrollment Related:
  • Reservation Folders (contain one or more "attendee tickets")
  • Attendee Ticket (contains enrollments for one or more events)
  • Event Enrollments (specific Event, fees, and discounts)
  • Enrollment History (Original Enrollment and attendee event transfers)
  • Review - Ability to tag a Reservation Folder or Ticket for review at a later date
  • Billing (invoice transaction records created)
  • Many new reports

    Resource Calendar:
  • See staff, facilities, materials and equipment in a calendar view (by day, week month or in a timeline)
  • Allows advanced filtering of resources by skill set, location, region and more
  • Save resource search criteria as favorites and reuse for quick search of available resources
  • Create detailed Event, Staff, Facility and Equipment plans allowing users to track and plan all aspects of these resources
  • Events not required to use Resource Scheduling tools. Resource scheduling can be done independent of events

    Travel Planning
  • Track Facility travel info including maps/directions, area points of interest and travel details to and from facility.
  • Facility travel information may include rates for area hotels or other points of interest.
  • Staff travel info includes full itinerary tracking and budgeting.

    Features Enhanced in Eventix Enrollment 7.2:
  • Create Attendee Mail Merges at the event level
  • Event Copy Wizard includes copy of Agenda, Checklist and Material items
  • Schedule Multiple days for staff members at one time
  • Enhanced event search based on event name, location and or date
  • Much more...
Eventix Enrollment 7.2 Screen Shots

Main Event View

Event Detail View

Reservation Record View

Attendee Ticket View

Payment Record View

Event Reports Menu View

Export to Excel

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