Eventix Sales Order
Easy Order Entry

for Sage SalesLogix

Product Hightlights

Team up Sage SalesLogix customer relationship management system with  Eventix Sales Order and create a powerful solution. You can now store all your Account, Contact, Opportunity, and Sales Order  information in one database.

Eventix Sales Order is designed for rapid order entry.  A single- click can populate the Bill-To, Ship-To, and Ordered-by sections.

Order line items can have very lengthy descriptions helping you avoid calls from customers trying to figure out what was ordered.  You can also apply up to two taxes per line item if needed, track sales incentives, and add confidential comments.

Now you can also generate order confirmations formatted the way you like. Confirmation templates are included to help get you started.

Eventix Sales Order can be used as your primary order entry point and linked to your accounting software or run stand-alone with SalesLogix.
By using the Sage SalesLogix Architect, Eventix Sales Order can be adapted to your specific requirements. Add more data fields and custom Crystal Reports® to track and report on the specific information that you need. Eventix Sales Order is modifiable to meet your needs.

  • One-click order creation
  • Create orders from existing opportunities
  • Separate data fields for tracking of Bill-To, Ship-To, and Ordered-By details
  • Capture order payment information to be applied when the order is invoiced
  • Track sales made by 3rd party sales channel partners
  • Order currency can be specified
  • Generous line item descriptions
  • Each line item can have up to two taxes applied
  • Track sales incentive rates or amounts per line item
  • Confirmations can be formatted in a style that works best for your customer
  • Integrates with other Eventix Solution Modules
  • One-click population of fields with current Account/Contact information
  • Includes an order confirmation form template and starter reports
  • Modifiable using the Sage SalesLogix Architect
  • Order process can be automated with Task Center
Eventix Prepay Screen Shots

Sales Order Main Screen

Sales Order Detail

Sales Order Line Item Detail View