Eventix Enrollment - Demo Database Has Expired

Thank you for evaluating an Eventix product.  The evaluation database that you currently have has reached its expiration date. To get a new copy of the evaluation database please contact your SalesLogix Business Partner or if you are a SalesLogix Business Partner you may download it below. You may also request a new demo database by email - support @eventix.com

We have created a SalesLogix database with Eventix Enrollment, Eventix Engagement, Eventix Interchange, Eventix Sales Order and Eventix Prepay installed on it. You must have the SalesLogix 7.2, or SalesLogix 7.5 client installed on your machine in order to use the demo database.

To download the demo, please click the icon below for the version of SalesLogix desired. The demo is in a secured , self-extracting Zip archive. To unlock the Zip file, please call the number below to obtain the password. Note: You must have WinZip 9.0 or greater to unlock the Zip archive. We only wish to release this to certified SalesLogix Business Partners and their prospective clients.

Download Demo Database