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Now you can plug your web site into SalesLogix with ease

  • Overview

    Trying to show  SalesLogix data on your web site? Want to capture information entered on a web form? Now, you can do both.

    Using  Eventix Interchange, your web site can now interact with SalesLogix.  Eventix Interchange is designed to meet your web connection requirements. By creating predefined SQL queries that run against SalesLogix data,  you insure that only  the information you specify is accessible from your web site.

    Just add your own VB.NET or C# code  to Eventix Interchange to control and process the XML data received from a web page.

    SQL queries, VB.NET, C# and VBScript code are stored inside SalesLogix, making it easy to view and update if your processing needs change.

    If you are using Eventix Enrollment, simply add the Eventix Interchange Web Registration Module to enable attendee registration for events.  This adds modifiable ASP.NET web pages for showing scheduled events and allows Attendee Registration submission to a registration queue. Then you can review and approve an attendee prior to them being added to an event.

    Enable your web site to interact with SalesLogix. Get Eventix Interchange today.


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