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Prepaid Card and Event Pass Management All in SalesLogix.

  • Overview

    Add the Eventix Prepay module to your  Eventix Sales Order system for an even more capable solution. With Eventix Prepay you can sell and track your customers prepaid value cards and event passes all within your Sage Saleslogix system.

    The Prepay Sales Order Wizard is designed so that in a single process a sales order, Payment record, and Prepay Card are created at the same time.

    Predefined card templates setup each Prepay Card that you offer.  Eventix Prepay tracks two types of cards --  ValueCards and EventCards.

    A ValueCard has a balance set at the time of of purchase.  The balance is reduced when the virtual card is used to pay for a  sales order or an attendees' event registration.

    EventCards contain one or more  event passes.  Each EventPass can be redeemed to pay for an event registration.

    By using the SalesLogix Architect, Eventix Prepay can be adapted to meet your requirements. Add more data fields and custom Crystal Reports® to track and report on the specific information that you need. 

    Give up the pain of tracking customer prepays. Get Eventix Prepay.

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