Business Solutions for Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM

Manage your staff, venue, equipment, event and holiday schedules all built with Power Platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Note: Eventix Meetings app is included with Eventix Schedules

Available for Dynamics 365, CRM online


  • Overview

    As a schedule manager, you know how much work goes into finding the right person, place or equipment. Using the Eventix calendar view, you can easily narrow down the list of resources that meet your requirements to focus on the best choices. Select the resources you want and see their schedules side-by-side.  You can view schedules by day, week, month, or timeline.

    Using the powerful schedule wizards, you can easily tackle complex resource scheduling. You can select multiple resources,  one or more dates/times, and view potential conflicts too.  You can also link scheduled resources to cases or events, if needed.

    In addition to resources, you can schedule and view your single and multi-day events.  After creating an event, you can schedule staff, venues, and equipment as required.  Optionally, for powerful event management and attendee registration, we offer our powerful event management module as a separate purchase. Both products are designed to work together giving you a powerful business management solution.

    If you are using CRM cases, you will have the ability to schedule resources linked to each case. Imagine being able to see who is working on a case, which venue space and equipment is reserved, all on a simple calendar view.

    Keeping track of bank holidays, other national, local and important corporate dates can be a challenge. Just think how great it would be if they were all on a single calendar. Even better is when you are able to see them during the scheduling process. Staff, Venues, and Equipment are each linked to a selected holiday calendar. Included holidays cover Australia, Canada, New Zealand,  United Kingdom, and the United States.  Additional holidays and corporate dates can be added.

    Staff resources may be employees, external contractors, or other people who can be scheduled. If the person is also a CRM user, any scheduled time will be added to their CRM appointment calendar. This lets them see their scheduled time in CRM and it syncs to Outlook too.  If your staff spends time flying, driving, or other travel, you can show that time on their schedule too.

    You may have your own corporate meeting rooms or use outside facilities such as a hotel or conference center. Both internal and external venue spaces can be tracked within CRM. In addition to managing scheduled usage times, you can keep detailed information on each venue, such as, location, time zone, travel information, online resources, equipment, venue attributes, capacity, configurations and more. In addition to physical venues, you can also manage virtual venues. If your venues require time for setup and teardown, you can block that time too.

    Be it tables, chairs, computers, lighting, sound or other equipment, you can schedule all of them in Eventix Schedule. In addition to equipment that is in your venue, you can add quantities available from other sources, such as a rental company. You can even add needed shipping or delivery time when scheduling an equipment resource.

    Calendar week numbers, and support for international date time formats are all built-in.  Holiday calendars can be configured for a region (e.g. North America or Europe) or for a single country (e.g. Australia, New Zealand, Singapore).

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